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Let's Be Engineers!
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The honorary patron of the project is Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia.
About the project
Confidence, motivation and ambition for future engineers

The initiative Let's Be Engineers! gathers renowned engineers, top managers, pervasive faculty researchers, ambitious technical and natural science students, remarkable start-up representatives and various other insightful and creative individuals to share their genuine life experiences with youngsters, present career opportunities in the field of science and technical occupations and promote the upgrading of engineering knowledge with business.

The center of activities represent events Let's Be Engineers!, which are carried out on the Slovenian high schools to inspire and promote engineering, technology, science and innovation, as well as other 21st century competences and skills. The initiative strives to elict youngsters reflection: where am I good at, what makes me happy and what the society needs, with results showing in the growth of interest in technical and natural science professions.

Why does it matter?
Let's open the doors of our companies

Aleksander Zalaznik, general manager, Danfoss Trata, and president of The Managers' Association of Slovenia.

"A colleague recently recounted, how during a tour of the company, his son said to him: dad, when I grow up, I want to be an engineer. We, the managers, can open the doors of our companies for the young people so they can learn about engineering professions and get inspired by them."

I chose the unknown

Mag. Violeta Bulc, Slovenian engineer and European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport

"I had the desire to study something exciting, something fun, which would connect me with interesting people and enabled me a good job. I chose the unknown. Something I didn't know anything about. But I knew Nikola Tesla. And this alone was already enough mysterious and different, that I decided to study electrical engineering."

Be creators, not only users of the future technologies

Mag. Jože Torkar, Energy Solutions Director, Petrol

"The future belongs to you, the young. You don't need to go to Google, to live out your dreams. You can ignite your creative flair here with us. We raise creators, not only users of the future technologies!"

What do students say?

Much thanks for the event, because for us students, roundtables like this, change paths in our lives.

Miha Podkrajšek,student of Gimnazija Bežigrad

What do students say?

I liked that people who came, had gone through this and gave us real advise.

Student of Gimnazija Šentvid

What do students say?

I enjoyed the course being very different compared to the rest

Student of Gimnazija Šentvid

What do students say?

I started thinking differently about the future.

Student of Gimnazija Šentvid

Event with the President of Slovenia
The President of the Republic of Slovenia: Don't give up on your dreams

The President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor, the honorary patron of the Let's Be Engineers project addressed more than 300 students in one of the annual events held at the Gimnazija Jesenice highschool on 26 February 2016 and spoke with students about ambition, creativity and future career development. With other guests present, he inspired them to opt for technical and scientific studies and the much needed engineering profession: "When you will talk about your future and your life, you will meet people who are going to ask you about your dreams. Some will say it's impossible for you to achieve them: it is very important, that you don't follow their advice to give up on your dreams."

The honorary patron of the project is Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia.

The interviews: student, principal, partner
Diverse experiences ease the career choice

What kinds of questions run through the minds of future engineers?

The dreams of some are to combine a hobby with an occupation, the others would like to change the world. Questions of the perspective young are in many cases what strategy to choose and which skills to acquire to advance in their field. I like to listen and learn from the people, who have walked a certain road and can help me with their advice, ideas and the look on the world. The event contained a lot of that.

What was the role of the event in your career choice?

I was convinced to continue my studies on a technical faculty. But the event and the guests present confirmed that my choice was right.

You were present on the Let’s Be Engineers! event as a visitor and as a guest. Which role was more fun?

They both were. As a listener I paid close attention to the experience of successful individuals. Later on I tried to share my own experience with the young as a guest in the best possible way.

What advice would you give to students who are deciding their career paths?

Try as many things as possible in high school. Get to know your interests and your skills. And vice versa, get to know what you do not like and what you are not good at. The more things you, the more choices you have. When you find areas of interest, think about what industry and market are looking for. The mix of all these things is a dream career.

Žiga Komac, a student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has participated in the Let's Be Engineers! events as both a visitor and a guest.

interview:Ciril Dominko, the director of Gimnazija Bežigrad

interview:Dedication for the challenges

Why do you support the project at your company?

We would like to encourage the young to study technical majors and natural sciences because they create the biggest added value to the economy. I am proud that we are able to contribute by sharing our experience and advice with the young and help them with the development of their talents, putting their wishes to the test and making career choices.

How do your co-workers perceive your participation in the project? What was the experience with the contest for a new logo of the project and a visit of students in Plinovodi?

We have cooperated on a series of events and hosted the announcement of the winner of the Let's Be Engineers! logo contest. Co-workers always have a positive response because it is an honour and a commitment — to shape the future of young perspective generations. Hosting the announcement of the winner of the contest left a big mark, mainly in socializing between generations from which each person received new energy, ideas and momentum.

What is your advice to young talents?

Talk to each other and wonder why. Pro-activeness and curiosity are two values on which you should build your career. You have to be a hundred percent committed to the challenges you face. And enjoy them. This is the path to happiness and success.

Sarah Jezernik, vice director of Plinovodi, strategic partner of the project Let's Be Engineers!

interview:Žiga Komac, a student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

interview:Desirable profession with numerous options

What convinced you to organise the event at your school?

We try to offer as many opportunities to get to know various paths, professions and jobs, which you can do with a certain education to our students. That is why the offer of a presentation of engineering seemed excellent. Perhaps my being a physicist had something to do with it as well. I was impressed by the diverse pallet of interviewees: respected managers, leaders of companies and university professors, mostly all engineers.

What is the legacy of the project for students?

It is mandatory that students are able to realize the diversity of engineering with the help of different guests. Even more, they get to know how desirable this profession is; even in fields you would never imagine engineering is present.

What is the response of students to the event?

The response is individual so it is hard to generalize. They are definitely mostly positive.

What is the main concern of students when making a career choice?

Because of a great dynamics of the labour market and fast changes, which are the consequence of an increasingly faster development of technologies and science in general, the essential fact when making a career choice is what will be important in the years of finishing college. This is mostly hard to predict so the choice is even harder. However, at the same time the young are aware that education lasts a lifetime and that they will change professions.

Ciril Dominko, the director of Gimnazija Bežigrad, the first host of Let's Be Engineers! events.

interview:Sarah Jezernik, vice director of Plinovodi

What do our supporters say?

Success of an engineer depends on the school system he or she goes through, the working conditions they work in and at least as much on their passion for the engineering profession. The Let's Be Engineers does just that: it excites for techical, science and engineering.

Boštjan Podobnik, Managing Director, LPKF Laser & Electronics

What do our supporters say?

You predict the future, if you create it. Technology and today's access to knowledge give opportunity to all. Therefore: explore, 'engineer yourself' and draw the future.

Miha Dumitrov, Territory Business Manager, CISCO

What do our supporters say?

Innovativeness is creativity, curiosity, and the virtue distinguishing best companies from the average ones. The driving force behind it are engineers. To change the situation of the shortage of this profile in Slovenia for the better we joined the Let's Be Engineers! initiative.

Eva Cvelbar Primožič, HR, Kolektor Group

What do our supporters say?

In order to make themselves and others around them, as well as the society as a whole easier, more interesting and fun, but certainly for a mutual beneficial, the young people need to take up innovativity, curiosity and engineering professions.

Igor Likar, Managing Director, SIQ

What do our supporters say?

We believe that innovation, technology and engineering are essential part of our future. Having technical background, I strongly support initiatives which promote diversity of roles, young people can have in their lives.

Simon Furlan, Marketing Director, Telekom Slovenije

What do our supporters say?

It is a noble mission to help talented young people in their career decisions by sharing individual as well as our company’s best practices.

Matej Košmrlj, Executive Director Euro Plus NiceLabel

What do our supporters say?

We need great engineers and scientists to make a real difference to the way people live and it is an increasingly exciting time to be involved in such a mission.

Medeja Lončar, CEO, Siemens Slovenia

What do our supporters say?

Personally, I would like to be a positive role model for students to choose IT and engineering studies more often across Europe and offer them career advice and guidance.

Maja Žagar, Senior Account Executive, SAP

What do our supporters say?

It's an idea much larger than its title. It changes the visibility, the attitude and perception of engineering profession among wider audience and it encourages to focus on technical sciences, one of the most important links in the chain of human development.

Iztok Klančnik, CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise — Operated by Selectium

What do our supporters say?

The youth close to the technology is a guarantee for a successful future. Therefore we are always happy to respond when it comes to projects like this, which offer education for the youth and help broadening their horizons.

Boštjan Bregar, CEO, 4th Office

Slovenian QuIZUM
Are you a legend? Test yourself in the Slovenian QuIZUM

Do you know whose innovation - perfume bottle sprayer - uses the whole world? And who is responsible that calculator fits in your pocket? Would you be able to tell who is the author of the theory on the basis of which the humanity stepped on the Moon for the first time?? Or which company is developing storage balloons, which may allow to establish living on Mars? The answer is: Slovenes.

The Slovenian QuIZUM strengthens the recognition of Slovenia, a green reference country in digital Europe, and has ranked among more than 30 applications as one of the three selected for Partnership for Change 2017 projects organized by AmCham and the Ministry of Public Administration.

How innovative are Slovenians and what kind of achievements are already being made on a world scale, you can check at: www.talentismo.si. Welcome to test the knowledge about the achievements of Slovenian engineers and innovators!

Words of co-founders
A race for the best brain

In my field of expertise I have a chance to see the global dynamics of development of engineering — it is what drove me to promote engineering and innovativeness among the young in Slovenia in 2011. A country without innovations cannot compete with other economies. And innovations are strongly connected to top talents in engineering. There is a race for the best brain taking place in the world and we can already see differences between the Slovenian and the international environment. We must not let differences become gaps.

Mag. Anton Petrič

Mag. Anton Petrič, dr. Janez Bešter and mag. Edita Krajnović are founders of the project Let's Be Engineers!

What am I good at, what makes me happy, what does the economy need?

The aim of Let's Be Engineers! events is to make the young think about the following questions: What am I good at, what makes me happy, what does the economy need? The fact that in the next five years there will be a shortage of 900,000 ICT experts in the EU, speaks for itself. When we awake creativity and motivation, even primary and high school students are capable of achieving amazing results in their projects. For now, that remains a domain of a few daring individuals, but when creativity becomes a part of the school curriculum and grows into a movement, that will reflect in a bigger economic success.

Dr. Janez Bešter
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
University of Ljubljana

Initiative, project, movement

We inspire the young for innovativeness, agility and the engineering logic: where there is a problem, there is a solution. We show them incredible opportunities that the Internet of things and the fourth industrial revolution Industry 4.0 bring. We tell them that Slovenians are a nation of engineers: a 5,000 years old wheel with a connecting rod was found in Slovenia and it is the oldest in the world. Humanity stepped on the Moon because of a theory by a Slovenian Herman Noordung Potočnik. I am sure that among the students who we meet on events, one will be known by innovation, a successful company or something new for humanity.

Mag. Edita Krajnović

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